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$10 OFF DigitalOcean Hosting

Digital Ocean provides very affordable hosting for both startups and enterprises. Their pricing starts as low as $5 a month with some reasonable resources. With just a button click, their droplet servers are auto-scalable out of the box thus saving you from going through the dramas of configuring. We've used Amazon AWS and while their free tier is worthy of signing up to first for a no cost MVP to be up, once the 12 month 'freeness' is over, the cost can become considerably higher for an equally spec'd compute server when compared to DigitalOcean.

We're hosting ShoutBLAST on DigitalOcean and so far we're impressed. We intend to move our current startup from AWS to here as our free tier period is over and it's a quarter of the cost for the almost double the compute resources with DigitalOcean. Amazon S3 is still going to stay as they provide the cheapest elastic storage so far. Use the link below to get $10 credit on Digital Ocean.


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