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TapTag lets you experience places through people who've been there before and share your own experiences with future visitors.

Find photos of what others did near you and you can see what they did there. You can discover a great spot to watch the sunset or a secret hiking trail. It's your personal guide to secret places a regular map can't show you! You get to skip the boring tourist attractions and see wherever you are like a local instead.

In turn you can share the places and experiences you discover on your travels with future visitors. By simply snapping a photo and posting.The photo remains at the location it was taken and future visitors can find it and learn what you did there.

There are lots of like-minded explorers around the world sharing their travel photos. Every time you open the app you'll see photos of where they've been on their latest trips. Keep up with their travels and the places they've visited and satisfy your wanderlust. It's all right at your fingertips!

TapTag lets you:
- Create a travel journal with photos of your travels.
- Leave behind geotagged photos of the places you visit for future travelers to find. it's like leaving a time capsule or geocache for future visitors.
- Future explorers find the photos you left behind and can relive what you did and learn what's nearby
- Follow your friends' travels around the world and indulge your wanderlust

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