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Is our patent pending technology which the user attaches to the keys and to the locks, when the user approaches the lock the corresponding key will begin to blink letting the user know which key to open the lock.

The devices which are attached to the locks and keys do not carry a battery therefore if the user has 5 keys and 5 locks or more, the unit is only powered by one battery source.
In addition the user does not have to change over his locks or keys. The device will also vibrate to help the visually impaired.

  • It is convenient, easier and quicker to identify your keys with your locks
  • It works in the dark or a poorly lit environment and increases your safety as it could reduce the time taken to identify keys
  • It assists visually impaired and the elderly (Alzheimer's disease) persons
  • It can be retrofitted onto existing locks and keys; there is no need to change over existing systems
  • It works with any lock
  • Little installation time is required
  • It utilizes very low power consumption compared to existing home automated solutions
  • Utilizes one battery source regardless of the amount of keys and locks

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